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Stephen Pierce is a 25 year old professional wakeboarder that has grown up living

on Lake Norman in North Carolina. Stephen rides on the professional wakeboard

tour during the summer and lives in Orlando Florida for the winter months.

Throughout his career he has dominated the NC wakeboard scene, being the state

champion for four consecutive years. Stephen started teaching people to wakeboard

in 2008 at the Charlotte Waterski Center under the Rusty Rudder and taught over

500 people how to ride. Stephen was the first sponsored rider for Icywakes

Surf Shop and has helped build their team to the top spot in the region. He has also

helped Icywakes build their wake boarding camps by setting the bar for for their top

notch coaching during the summer. Stephen has also attained many major sponsors

such as Liquid Force wake boards, Spy Optics, and Rip Curl. He is a strong believer

in all the companies that support him and wouldn't be were he is today without them. 

This year Stephen partnered with Malibu Boats of Charlotte to allow him to teach and train on the legendary Malibu 23 LSV. 

Since 2007 Stephen has strived to create the perfect learning environment for riders of any level to progress to the next level. Since then he has worked with over 1000 students and has helped multiple riders take their riding to a competitive level. 

Stephen Pierce

The Boat!
Malibu Boats of Charlotte has stepped it up to

provide Stephen with a brand new

Malibu Wakesetter 23 LSV. The 23 LSV has

been the #1 boat of choice for over 10 years.

This powerful machine is capable of

throwing ocean sized wakes! With game

changing innovations such as Surf Gate and

The Power Wedge 2 the Malibu Wakesetter

is paving the way for the staple in wakeboard


Liquid Force Wakeboards has stuffed this

wake making machine to the gills with all the

gear you could ever imagine. Stephen is

equipped with boards and life vests of all sizes.

If your looking to try out the newest gear from

wakeboards to wakesurfs, Stephen has you



Camden Vaughan is a 17 year old rider from Lake Keowee, SC. There he grew up in a Watersports driven family learning to ski at the age of 2 years old. Camden has been working with Stephen since the age of 14. Stephen has taken Camden under his wing since, teaching him the ins and outs of riding and competing in the Wakeboarding industry. In the summer of 2017 Camden will be on the boat side by side with Stephen coaching camps and sharing his passion for Wakeboarding and wakesurfing.  

Wakeboarding School

Lake Norman, NC

Camden Vaughan